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                                   ENGLISH LESSON PLAN

Age: 4-5 years old


Number of children:15-18 children

Time: 20-25 minutes

Teaching date:


Super visor:

                             Topic: Transportation

I.Aims and objectives


  – Introduce the new words of  transportation: lorry, airplane, submarine

  – Review the structures :+ What is it? It’s lorry/ submarine, it’s an airplane

                                          + Do you like lorry/ airplane/ submarine? Yes.I do/No.I don;t



  -Children remember and use the words: lorry, airplane, submarine

  -Children remember and use the structures: what is it? Do you like…?


  -Children pronounce correctly and confidently, naturally, follow teacher’s model actions and sayings.

  -Children say and make sentences follow the provided structures.


  -Children are interested in lesson.

  -Children take part in the lesson activities actively.


1.Space, place.

  -In the room where is safe , large enough for children to help them feel comfortable.

  -Children sit on the chairs.

2.Visual aids.

  -Pictures: lorry, airplane, submarine

  -Video:What do you see song vehicles and transport, goodbye song.

 – Tune: Finger family beat


  – a large screen, a table


  Teacher’s activities Children’s activities
I.Warm up (2-3 minutes) -Greeting and warm up + Good morning children! -Ask children some question to warm up  + How are you today?    +What is the weather like today?  +Can you tell me about you?   -Play the song: What do you see song vehicles and transport   + Good morning teacher!       + I’m fine.Thank you.And you? + it’s hot/ sunny/ rainy…         -Listen to the song
II.Content (15 minutes) Act 1 Introduce  the new words and reviewthe structures. -.I have 3 pictures +Picture 1.Lorry What is it? =>It’s a lorry Ask all class repeat Ask some children repeat Do you lilke lorry? Lorry which move on the street   +Picture 2.Airplane What is it? =>It’s an airplane Ask all class repeat Ask some children repeat Do you like airplane? Airplane which fly in the sky   +Picture 3.Submarine What is it? =>It’s a submarine Ask all class repeat Ask some children repeat Do you lilke submarine? – Submarine which move under the water -The last teacher asks all the class repeat by pass the picture.Then teacher put the pictures on the floor and ask children: I want to know what do you like?     Act 2. Practice with games. *Game 1.What is missing? -Teacher put 3 pictures on the floor -Then ask children close their eyes and hide one picture .when children open their eyes teacher will ask what is missing? – Play 3-4 times *Game 2. Music chair – Put 3 picture on the 3 chair. – Invite 4 children to play.When the music start we go,the music stop we sit down.Who don’t sit down the chair is go out. – Play 3-4 times

Take part in the lesson.           -Children answer.   -Children repeat. -Yes.I do/ No.I don;t           -Children answer. -Children repeat.   -Yes.I do/ No.I don;t           -Children answer.   -Children repeat. -Yes.I do/ No.I don;t                         -Children play                     – Children play
III.Consolidation (1-2 minutes) -Make some compliments to encourage the children. + Today, you learn very well, I’m proud of you so much. +Clap your hand -Say goodbye to children and sing a song. +Play the song: goodbye song -Listen to teacher             +Stand up and sing or dance if they can.  

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