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Age: 4 – 5 years old


Number of children: 20-25 children

Teaching date:


    I. Aims and objectives

    1. Aims

   – Introduce new vocabulary: red, blue, orange, black, green, puple,yellow, pink, white

   – Introduce the structures:

+What can you see?

+ The fish has…

+The fish can…

    2. Objectives

  1. Knowledge

– Children can remember and pronounce correctly the words:red, blue, orange, black, green, puple,yellow, pink, white

Children can remember and use the structure: +What can you see?

+ The fish has…

+The fish can…

  • Skills

-Children pronounce correctly, confidently, naturally, follow teacher’s model actions and sayings.

     -Children say and make sentences follow the provided structure.

     -Children can take part in the game.

  • Attitude

-Children are interested in lesson.

     -Children take part in the lesson activities actively.

II. Preparation:

  1. Environment.
  2. Space, place:

-Class room

  • Visual aids:

-Flashcards of Sea:red, blue, orange, black, green, puple,yellow, pink, white

-Tunes: “5 little fishes”

  • Tool:

-20-25 chairs, 1 large screen.

2. Content:

Introduce new vocabulary and structure.

Game : “5 little fishes in the sea”

III. Anticipated problems:

–  Pay attention to the children, help children focus on the lesson.

–  Make children speak fluently new words and structure.

IV. Procedure:

  Teacher’s activities Children’s activities
Warm-up &  review ( 5 minutes) -Greeting – Let’s the children sing and dance: Baby shark  
Content (16 minutes) 1. Introduction to vocabulary and structures: – Teacher introduces the words: red, blue, orange, black, blue, purple, yellow, white – The teacher asks chidren to read the words aloud (individually, in groups, in class). + The teacher checks their pronunciation -The teacher introduces new structures –  The teacher gave flash cards of many sea animals and asked them +What can you see? – I can see… – The fish has… – The fish can… 2. Practice with game:      Game: “5 little fishes in the sea” – The teacher instructs the children to draw puppets and cut them. – The teacher asked the children to use their puppets and sing the song: 5 small fish in the sea.                                                    
Conclusion (5 minutes) – Teacher makes some compliments to encourage the children. – Children sing the song: “Good bye teacher” – Say goodbye children. – Sing and move with the song – Say goodbye teacher.

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