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                                    ENGLISH LESSON PLAN.

                                    TOPIC: At the zoo

                                    Age: 4-5 years old

                                    Number of the children: 20-25 children.

                                    Times: 25-30 minutes


I) Aims and objects.

1) Aims

– Introduce the words of the zoo : zoo , zookeeper , cage , animal, tiger, lion, elephant, hippo, crocodile, mokey, zebra

2) Objects.

a) Knowledge

– Children remember and use 11 words of the zoo: zoo , zookeeper , cage , animal, tiger, lion, elephant, hippo, crocodile, mokey, zebra

 – Children know to use the structure: What do you see?

                                                         => I see a /tiger/ lion….

b) Skills

– Children pronounce corectly and confidently and follow teacher’s model actions .

– children can make their own sentence with teacher’s support.

c) Attitude.

– Children are interested in lesson

II) Preparation.

1) Space, place.

– In the room where the safe, large enough for chilren to help them feel comfortable

b) Visual aids

– Song: “ Walking in the jungle ”

c) Tools.

– chairs .

– 11 pictures

2. Content

-Act 1: Play “Jumping ” game.

-Act 2: Play “ Who is faster” game.

-Song : “Let’s go to the zoo”.

III) Procedure.

  Teacher’s activities Children activities
Warm-up – Greeting and warm up + Hello Pooh 5A ! + Let’s dance together song “ walking in the junger ”   + Hello teacher  
Content *Activities1: Teacher asks chidren :      + “What do you see in the video ? ”        + “ Where do they live?” –  Show the video of the sound of the zoo animals, children will guess the name of the animal. – Teacher asks children :             +   What is this ?                     => It’s a / tiger/ zebra/….              + What do you see ?                 => I see a / tiger / monkey/… – Teacher checks and corrects the pronunciation for each child. * Activities 2 : Games Game 1 : Play “ Jumping ” game. We are play “ jumping ” game – Teacher introduces the game and guides how to play ” jumping ” game – Teacher emphasizes on the structure of the lesson :           + What do you see ?                   I see a….. – Teacher encourages the children to lisen carefully and find the right picture after teacher’s question – Some students can be an assistant to help teacher call the name of the zoo animal Game 2: Play “ Who is faster?” game. We are playing  “ Who is faster ?” + Put three chair in middle the class + Invite 4 childs and each a child take a picture + When teacher opem music, children go around the chairs + When the music top, the children sit quick in the chair + The child who hasn’t the chair to ask whole class : “ What is this ? ” + Whole class answer: “ It’s a….”       – I see a lion,… – At the zoo            
Conclusion – Sing “ good-bye ” song    

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