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English lesson plan

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                               TOPIC: OLYMPICS

Age: 4 – 5 years old

Number of the children: 20-23 children

Times: 25-30 minutes

Teacher :

I. Aims and objects

1. Aims

– Introduce the words of review:  Olympics games , athletes, basketball, soccer, hockey, badminton, gymnastics, swimming, taekwondo.

2. Objects

a. Knowledge

– Children remember and use 9 words of  review : Olympics games , athletes, basketball, soccer, hockey, badminton, gymnastics, swimming, taekwondo.

– Children  know how to use the structure  :

                                   + Where is the…? ; Can you…?

                               Yes, I can. / No, I can’t

b. Skills

– Children pronounce correctly and follow teacher’s model actions

– Children can make their own sentence with teacher’s support.

c. Attitude.

– Children are interested in the lesson

II. Preparation.

a. Space , place

– In the room where is safe, large enough for children to help them feel comfortable

b. Visual aids

– Song : “Can you swim ? ’’

c. Tools

– 9 pictures

– chairs

– a ball


      Teacher’s activities Children activities
Warm up ( 3-5 minites)                              Greeting and warm up – Hello children !   – How are you ?     – How is the weather today?     – Do you want to sing a song? + Teacher asks children to stand in from of their chair and sing a song  “ Can you swim ? ”     – Hello teacher ! – I’m fine, thank you . And you ?   – It’s sunny,…          
Content ( 20-30 minutes )                         * ) Activites  : -Teacher asks : “ What is this?” -Teacher encourages all of the children to answer the question +It’s soccer / hockey,…… – Student listen and repeat after teacher’s saying  +It’s soccer / hockey,…… ( pronounce three times) -Teacher will check and correct the pronunciation -Teacher asks randomly a child +Can you / swim / play hockey/ soccer….?              Yes, I can / No, I can’t. -Teacher asks: + Can you swim / soccer/ play hockey…? -Teacher encourages children to answer with the structures “ Yes, I can / No, I can’t ” -Teacher corrects pronunciation   *Activity 2: Game Game 1: “ What is missing?” -Do you want to play a game? -Now, we are playing : “What is the missing?’’ – Each chair has 4 pictures : soccer, hockey, basketball, gymnastics – Teacher shows children the rules of the game. + Firstly, teacher asks children to close their eyes + Teacher will hide a picture around the classroom + Secondly, children open their eyes and guess which picture is missing. + Children have a chance to ask and answer with the related to the lesson.      “ What is missing? ”           => It’s soccer/ hockey,…            “ Can you swim…?”               => Yes, I can/ No, I can’t Game 2 :  “ Throw a ball ” – Do you want to play a game? – The name of the game is “ throw a ball” – The teacher introduce the rules of the game “ Throw a ball ” + Teacher asks“ Where is the soccer ?” – If children throw the ball exactly , they will get a present. – Let the children  play this game 4-5 times.          
Conclusion ( 2 minutes ) – Sing “ good- bye” song          

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