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English lesson plan

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Subject: Science

Age: 4 – 5 years old.

Number of children: 15children


Teaching date:

Time: 30-35 minutes.

Class: Pumpkin

Super visor: T

Subject: How to make a volcano eruption using baking soda and vinegar

I/ Aims and objectives

1.  Aims:

– Introduce about materials: water, food coloring, baking soda, vinegar.

– Help children discover the food coloring, baking soda and vinegar.

– Children can make the  Volcano eruption by themselves.

2. Objectives

a. Knowledge:

– Children remember some words, how to make a volcano eruption using baking soda and vinegar.

– Help children get more knowledge about volcano eruption.


– Know how to make a volcano eruption using baking soda and vinegar.

– Develop thinking and language skills.

– Develop observation and observing skills.

c. Attitude:

– Children are interested in the lesson.

– Children take part in the lesson activities actively, know how to work in a group.

– Children want to joy science experiment actively.

II. Preparation:

a. Space, place:

– There is a room for kids safe and enough to sit and participate in classroom activities.

b. Visual aids:

– Water.

– Baking soda

– Vinegar

– Food coloring (red, blue, green, yellow,..)

– Some plastic cup.

III/ Proceduce:

Time Teacher’s acivities Children’s activities
1. Warm up: minutes)                         II. Presentation ( 20 minutes )    * Greeting: -Teacher say: “ Goodmorning everybody”   -Teacher ask: “ How are you today?” *Sing a song: “Hello Hello song” * Introduce the topic of the lesson and what teacher will teach them today: Today, I will give the class watch a video about the eruption of the volcano. – And now, everybody! Close your eyes – Umbalaa, balaa, bùm!!!! Everybody, surprise? – Teacher show model volcano. – Today, we are going to learn how to make a volcano eruption using baking soda and vinegar. – What is it? It’s volcano – I have something here. Now, Look! This is a volcano I made. Everyone says: Volcano + I have …. (Water, food coloring, baking soda, vinegar, cup) ( Check pronunciation) – What will we do now? – Let’s see! – Firstly, we put a plastic cup on the table and I put baking soda with water. – Next, I pour the mixture into the volcano.- Then, I drop food coloring into the volcano.- What color is it? – Finally, I pour vinegar into the volcano.- What do you think?- Everybody! Let’s see. Bùm…- What do you see? That’s surprise!- It’s explode and come out. That’s volcano erupt.- Do you want to do it? *Ask children practice: – Teacher divide the class into 2 groups – Teacher guides children to do it.   -“ Goodmorning teacher”   – Children answer.       – Children observe         – Children observe   – Look at teacher   – Children answer       – Repeat after teacher   – Children answer             – Children answer   – Children guess – Children observe – Children answer     – Children practice
III/ Conclusion ( 5minutes ) – Today, we learn about how to make a volcano erupt using baking soda and vinegar – Today, everybody learned very well! – And now, sing a song “Bye bye…Good bye!”       – Sing a song. – Goodbye teacher

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