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Topic: Transportation

Age: 4- 5 years old


Number of children: 12-15 children

Time: 25-30 minutes

Teaching date:

Student :


I.Aims and objectives


– Introduce the new words: Bus; bicycle; ship

– Introduce the structures:

+What is it? → It’s …

+What do you see? à I see…

+ What color is it? – It’s…..

2. Objectives


– Children understand the meanings of three new words well: “Bus; bicycle; ship”


– Chilren can listen and repeatthree words ( Bus; bicycle; ship) correctly, confidently , naturally,follow teachers model actions and sayings.

– Children can play the game follow teacher’s guide

– Devolop listening and speaking.

c. Attitudes

– Children are interested in lesson.

– Children take partin the activities actively

II. Preparation

a.Space, place

– In the room where is safe, large enough for children to help them feel comfortable.

– Children sit on the chair into U-shape

b. Visual aids

– Pictures: Bus; bicycle; ship

 – Flashcards: Bus; bicycle; ship

– Songs: “transportation song”- pink pong

 “ Good bye see you again”- simple song


–  TV, usb

III. Procerduce

  Teacher’s activities Children’s activities
Warm up (3-5 minutes) -Hello! -How are you today? -How’s the weather today? -It’s… -Do you want to sing a song? (Song:  transportation song) -Hello! – Children answer, -Chidren answer   + Children answer.
Content (15-20 minutes q) Ok. Come back to your seat! Today,I have a beautiful box, let’s see what is inside Wow! What is it? It’s a bus. “ Bus ” + Whole class: “ bus”.It’s a bus  ( 3 times) + From…. to …. and  from…. to… : Bus.It’s a bus ( 3 times) + Who can help me? – What is it – It’s a bicycle. “ Bicycle” + Whole class: “ bicycle”.It’s a bicycle  ( 3 times) + From…. to …. and  from…. to… : bicycle.It’s a bicycle ( 3 times) – Teacher asks whole class: what color is it?- it’s .. – And then, teacher asks ” what do you see? – i see……   -Whole class: Repeat again.  ( teacher requires children repeat again all new words 1-2 times) *Game 1: who is faster? -Do you want to play a game? -Children, “ let’s see “ – I have many transports. There are bus; bicycle; ship – Teacher takes flashcards for whole class. When I say : “ I want a bus / a bicycle/ a ship.”You will run and give me the pictures that I want. Are you ready? Who is the faster, will winner Game 2 : “Jumping” – Show the pictures on the floor – firstly, teacher will be monster to catch children – invite 4 children to play – when teacher asks bus, children have to jump beside the picture of bus. Do the same as with another pictures – in the last picture, when children jump it, they have to run on their sit. – if the child is catches, he will be the monster. – let children play 3-4 times     -Children listen     + Children listen             + Children repeat   +Children repeat   + Children raise their hand + Children answer.     + Children answer           + Children repeat         + Children answer. + Children listen.         -Children play a game    
Consolusion Today you learn very well! Clap your hands Do you want to sing a song? ( Song: Goodbye see you again) It’s time to say goodbye + Goodbye.See you again!

+ Children answer    

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