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English lesson plan

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                            ENGLISH LESSON PLAN

Topic: Traffic rules.

Age: 5-6 years old.

School: Eduplay Garden kindergaten.

Number of the children: 10-12 children.

Time: 40-45 minutes.

Teaching date:



I. Aims and objectives:

1. Aims:

Review the words of traffic rules: crosswalk, pavement, helmet, seatbelt, traffic light and learn how to use the words.

+ I walk on the pavement and cross on the crosswalk (when walking).

+ I wear helmet when I get on a bike.

+ I sit nicely in a car and fasten my seatbelt.

+ I stop at red light and wait. I can go when the light is green.

2. Objectives:

a) Knowledge:

– The children remember some words: crosswalk, pavement, helmet, traffic light, seatbelt.

– The children understand how to use the words.

      b) Skill:

– The children can pronounce the word clearly (crosswalk, pavement, helmet, traffic light, seatbelt) correctly, confidently and naturally.

– The children can listen and understand what teacher say, and follow teacher’s request.

– The children can take part in the activities.

     c) Attitude:

– The children join the lesson happily, actively.

II. Preparation:

1. Enviroment:

a) Space, place:

– On the playground: clean

– Draw 2 intersections

b) Visual aids:

– Flashcard: crosswalk, pavement, helmet, traffic light, seatbelt.

– Toy cars, tricycles, traffic signs, helmet, police officer costomes, traffic light costumes.

2. Content:

Act 1: Review vocabularies

– Act 2: Review structures.

Act 3: Practice with game “Role play”

III. Procedure:

    Teacher’s activities   Children’s activities
    Warm up (5- 10 minutes) – Greeting and warm up: + Good morning children! + How do you feel today? Why? + How is the weather today? – Song: The children sing and dance the song “Tranportations song”. + Stands up! Let’s sing a song: Tranportationsong.   Good moring teacherChildren answerChildren sing a song  
                Content ( 30 minutes) Act 1: Review old vocabularies. – Teacher show 5 pictures: crosswalk, pavement, helmet, traffic lights, seatbelt and then ask children.   +What is it? It is a crosswalk.   + What is it? It is a pavement   + What is it? It is a helmet   + What is it? It is a traffic light    + What is it? It is a seatbelt – Teacher divides children into 2 teams, each team has 1 set of flashcard. – Teacher says a certain word, the 2 teams have to find that card, raise it up and say “It’s a…..” – The team raising the card first gets 1 star. The team raising and saying sentence gets 2 star.  Act 2: Review the structures. – Teacher prepare 2 intersections on the ground. – Teacher do 1 action, children guess. – Invite some children to do the others, the other childrens guess. Action 1: walk on pavement.Action 2: walk on crosswalk.Action 3: wear helmet when riding bike.Action 4:  fasten seatbelt in the car.Action 5: stop at red light. Act 3: Game “Role play” – I have a game. Do you want to play a game? – Now I will divide class into 3 teams:  + Team 1: 3 – 4  children will be traffic light and police officers  + Team 2: 3 – 4  children will drive vehicles  + Team 3: 3 – 4 children will walk – The 3 teams have to follow traffic rules. – The best team will be awarded.  + Discuss with teams about rules: “Where do you walk?” “What do you have to do when you riding bicycle/ motobike?” “What do you have to do when you are the police?” – And then children play freely. When children play, the teacher observes, encourages kids to speak english.         Children answer                   Children answer             Children do action             Children play game               Children answer
Consolidation (5 minutes) + Sing a song “ Tranportation song” + Today we learn very well. Clap your hands! + Goodbye children.   Goodbye teacher.

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