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                   Topic: Shapes.

                     Age:4 -5years old.

                     Class: B2.

                   Number of the children:16 children.

                   Time:20 – 25 minutes.

                   Teaching date:.


                     Super vison: I. Aims and objectives:


– Introduce the words of shapes:circle,heart,diamond and the structure:

 + What shape is it? It’s a circle/heart/diamond.

 + What do you see? I see a circle/heart/diamond.

 + What color is the circle/heart/diamond? It’s pink/red/blue.

Get children to develop a sense of group identity, general knowledge

2. Objectives:

a) Knowledge:

– Children remember and use 3 words of shapes:circle,heart,diamond andchildren know the structure: What shape is it? It’s a  …

Children can recognize and call the name of shapes.

Children take part in the games

b) Skill:

– Children pronounce correctly and confidently and naturally.

– Develop listening and speaking skills.

c) Attitude:

– Children are interested in lesson.

– Children take part in the lesson activities actively.

II. Preparation:

1. Environment:

a) Space, place:

– In the room where is safe, large enough for children to help them feel comfortable

– Children sit on the chairs.

b) Visual aids:

– Pictures of shapes: circle,heart,diamond.

– Tunes: “Shapes song – Super simple song”.

c) Tool:

– 15 – 18 chairs, a table.

2. Content:

– Act 1: Introduce new vocabulary and structure.

– Act 2: Practice with games “Who is faster” and “Whisper”

III. Procedure:

  Teacher’s activities   Children’s activities
Warm up (3 – 5 minutes) – Greeting and warm up: + Hello children! + How are you today? → I’m fine, thank you. And you? + I’m happy. -Play the song “ Shapes song”   Hello teacher       Listen to the song and sing or dance if they can
Content (16 minutes) Act 1: Introduce new vocabulary and structure: – Guess pictures: Teacher shows a part of pictures and lets the children guess.  + I have some pictures.They are about our shape:    CIRCLE    + What shape is it?    + What color is the circle?    HEART    + What shape is it?    + Where is your heart?      + What color is the heart?    DIAMOND    + What is it?    + Well done. Act 2: Game: Game 1: “Who is faster”   + The children sit in U- shaped chairs and look at the board.   + I have many pictures: circle,heart,diamond.
   + I will put these pictures on the board,let’s see!    + I invite 2 people play in one time.    + When I say “circle” you run and touch to the circle.
   + Get the children to play game 4- 5 times.
Game 2: “Whisper”.    + Divide the class into 2 teams.    + I will whisper to the two first member of 2 team one shape.Then you go back to your team and whisper to your friend until the final.    + The last one will run up and get the right picture that you heard.    + Which team is faster will be the winner.    + After each play,change the head.
              It’s a circle.It’s pink.   It’s a heart.The left of my body.It’s red.   It’s a diamond.           Take part in the game                              
Wrap up (4 minutes)   – Make some compliments to encourage the children. – Sing the song “Goodbye song”.    

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