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TOPIC: Fruits

                                      Age: 3-4 years

                                      Number of children: 12-15 children


                                      Time: 20-25 minutes

                                      Making plan date:

                                      Teaching date:



I/Aims and objectives:


– Review the old words of  Fruits topic: mango  /mæɳgouz/, apple /’æpl/ , orange /’ɔrindʒ/

– Review the structures:

+ “What is it?”  → It’s……

+ What do you see? I see…

+ How many..are there?

+ What color is the…? It’s….

+ “Do you like ….?” Yes, I do/ No, I don’t

 + What fruits do you like?


a. Knowledge:

– Children understand, remember and use five words well: mango, apple, orange, watermelon.

b. Skills:

– Children pronounce three words correctly, naturally, confidently, follow teachers model actions and sayings.

– Children say and make sentences follow the provided structures.

– Develop listening and speaking.

c. Attitudes:

– Children are interested in lesson.

– Children take part in the activites actively.

 II/ Preparation


   –  In the room where is safe, large enough for children to help them feel comfortable.

   – Children sit on the chair into U-shape.

2. Visual aids:

– Game 1: Cat and mouse

     +Picture of fruits: mango, orange, apple.

      + Hats: cat and mouse

   – Game2: “Tasting and guesing”

        + Fruits: mango, apple, orange,watermelon.

           + Dishes: 4

           + 1towel

   – Songs: “ fruits song”  and “Action song”

3. Tools:     

   – TV, computer, usb.

III/ Proceduce   

    Teacher’activites Children’activites
1.Warm up (3-5 minutes) * Greeting and warm up: –  Hello children! – How are you today? => I’m happy! Yes, happy. Now, children. Let’s watch a song and tell me “ What do you see in the song?” ( Song: Fruits song)   +Hello teacher   + I’m happy      
2.Content ( 20-25 minutes) *Act1: Review the words and structures: (5-7 minutes) – What do you see in the song? – I have a bag. There are many things inside the bag. Do you know,What’s it?=> wow…Fruits. They look yummy. *Let’s see, What is it? => It’s a mango. (3 times) + What color is the mango?=> It’s yellow + Do you like mangoes? *The next, What is it?=> It’s an apple (3 times) + What color is the apple?=> It’s red + Do you like apples? *The next, What is it?=> It’s an orange.  (3 times) + Do you like oranges?   (Teacher  reviews all old words and requires children repeat  again all old words 2-3 times)   *Act 2: Practice with games: – Game 1: Cat and mouse I have a game.    + I need a Cat and a mouse. Cat’s sleeping, Mouse wil  steal one picture of fruits. When Mouse says: “ Wake up”, cat must run fast to catch mouse. Mouse run fastto sit on the chair. Then, you will answer my question. – Game 2: Tasting and guessing ( 6-8 minutes) The next game: + The name of the game is “Tasting and guessing” I will invite 2 of you play in once. + You must close your eyes and tast a piece of fruits .After that, you guess, what’s it? + Ok? Who can?       + apple,banana…       + mango     + It’s an apple.   +apple + Red + yes, i do. + orange   + yes, I do + Watermelon     + Yes, I do.               + children play                           + children play.    
3.Conclusion   (3-5 minutes) “Do you like to sing a song?” ( Action song) -Make some compliments to encourage children. “Today,you learned very well.I proud of you.Clap your hands” + Yes, I do.       + Clap your hand

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