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Topic : Fruits

Age : 4  – 5 years old

Class of teaching :

Number of children:

Time :  

Making plan date:

Teaching date :

Students :    

Teacher :

Aims and objectives :

1. Aims:

  • Review old words : mango, watermelon, pear and review the structures :

+ What is it ? – It is a mango/ watermelon/ pear

+ Do you like mangoes/ watermelons/ pears? – Yes, I do / No, I don’t

  • Teacher helps children to develop some skills : Listening skill, speaking skill.
  • Teacher helps children take part in this lesson actively and cheerfully.

2. Objectives :

  1. Knowledge :
  2. Children remember and use the words : : mango, watermelon, pear
  3. The children understand and use the structures :

+ What is it ? – It is a: mango/ watermelon/ pear.

+ Do you like: mangoes/watermelons/ pears – Yes, I do / No, I don’t.

  • Children can make fruits salad: put mango, watermelon, pear and jack fruit in the glass and then, add  a spoon of coconut, a spoon of milk, a spoon of yoghurt. Then, mix them together.
  • Skills:
  • Children can pronounce the words correctly, confidently and naturally: : mango, watermelon, pear
  • Children have skills to make fruits salad.
  •  Develop listening skill and speaking skill.
  •  Children can say and make sentence follow the provided structure
  • Attitudes :
  • Children are interested in lesson.
  • Children take part in the lesson activities actively and cheerfully.
  • Preparation :
  • Space, place :
  • In the classroom.
  • The room is clean, open and light enough.
  • Visual aids:
  • A basket
  • Some fruits: mango, watermelon, pear.
  • Bowls, spoons, yoghurt, milk, jack fruits, coconut.
  • Tools :
  • Television.
  • Procedure :
  Teacher’s activities Children’s activities
1Warm up (3 minutes) – Hello children! – How are you today?  – Do you want to sing a song? Turn on the song: “If you are happy”   Hello teacher! I’m good… Yes, I do. I like to sing   Sing a song
2 Content (14 minutes) Act 1: Review + I have a gift for you. Do you want to know? + I have some fruits in the basket. + The first one It’s small and yellow. What is this ? It’s a mango + The second one It’s very big, it’s red inside and green outside. What is this? It’s a watermelon The last one , it is pear. Ask the kids to speak all the words Teacher correct for children   Act 2: Go shopping Do you want to play a game ?Game “Go shopping”I will be a seller and ms… will be a shopper.I need one boy and one girl to play A: Hello, what do you like ? B: I like mangoes A: 5 dollar. Here you are. B: Thank you. A: ok! Goodbye ! B: Bye ! Act 3: Make salads You have some fruits.. Do you want to make fruits salad? Yes, I do, it’s very delicious. And now, let’s come back your table and look at me. I will teach you to make it.Let’s seeI have a bowl, a spoon, coconut, milk, yoghurt and some pieces of  mango, watermelon, pear and jack. I have cut it for you   To make fruits salad, I add a spoon of mango (whole class: a spoon of mango), a spoon of watermelon, a spoon of pear, a spoon of jack. I add coconut, milk and yoghurt in the bowl and mix  togetherNow, let’s make fruits salad. Teacher divides children into 4 groups and helps children to make it   Guess the words         + children answer                             Children play                            
Wrap up (3 minutes)   Children invite guest to eat salad Children eat salad  

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