English lesson plan
English lesson plan Topic: The  Zoo Age: 5-6 year old Number of children: 20-25 children Time: 25-30 minutes Teaching date: Teacher: Aims and objectives: Aims: -Review and consolidate: Zoo, animal, tiger, lion, bear, panda, zebra, elephant, giraffe, hippo, rhinoceros, snake, crocodile, monkey, gorilla, kangaroo, penguin, beautiful, colorful, fast, slow, fierce, furry, large, loud, quiet, scaly,… (0 comment)

                                    ENGLISH LESSON PLAN.                                     TOPIC: At the zoo                                     Age: 4-5 years old                                     Number of the children: 20-25 children.                                     Times: 25-30 minutes                                     Teacher: I) Aims and objects. 1) Aims – Introduce the words of the zoo : zoo , zookeeper , cage , animal, tiger, lion, elephant, hippo, crocodile, mokey, zebra… (0 comment)

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